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Morgan Oliver- Allen

The internationally acclaimed photographer, videographer and content creator works with the who’s who of travel businesses but has focused on Azul Paradise – a place very close to his heart – for several years.

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Many of our guests rate our hotel as 5 stars. Below are some excellent reviews from customers who adore our slice of paradise.

“A Retreat Like No Other”

I have traveled to other parts of the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa although each trip has added something to my life, never before has a place filled my soul like Azul Paradise, the Isla Bastimentos, and the people of this beautiful island. From the staff at Azul Paradise to the local people that I have had the joy of meeting, everyone is friendly and genuine. The vistas are breathtaking and the variety of experiences that I was able to have were amazing: snorkeling gorgeous coral reefs, watching dolphins in the wild play, kayaking open seas to jungle rivers, surfing, tours through the rainforest, private walks along the beach or jungle paths. I am a hobby photographer and this trip provided me with endless opportunities to enjoy capturing the splendor of this true paradise. Come! Come alone, Come with your partner, Come with friends, Come with your family… just get here!

– Larissa K (Omaha, Nebraska)

“Fab Place, 5-star Service”

Location is 5-star right in the middle of town. Our on-the-water room was great, we loved the style and the views of the water. Beyond this, from the moment we walked in (even after we left), we were treated to 5+++-star service – thank you. They did everything from taking our bags up to our room and helping us with travel arrangements and recommendations to even booking a boat captain for the day after we checked out. The bar on the water was great as well and even had a DJ in the evening. I will definitely be back.

– Christine_Leuthold (Atlanta, Georgia)

“Exceptional in Every Way”

We were here for several days in one of the bungalows and truly loved it there. The staff was super friendly and helpful, the food and drinks were way above the norm, and the accommodation was excellent. The owners of this resort and also the Azul Paradise Hotel in Bocas Town have done a wonderful job of putting together really great places. We also spent one night in their hotel when we arrived and liked it as well. We don’t know when but we will return to one of those bungalows over the water again, and the next time it will be for more than a few days. Thanks to everyone there for a really great experience and time.

– Richard D (Saint Charles, Missouri)

“Pure Paradise”

Azul Paradise is exactly as the name suggests: a paradise. The multi-island experience gave us the opportunity to discover 2 very different, yet equally awesome, getaways. Azul Paradise on Isla Bastimentos is made for people wanting to detach and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city. It provides the utmost in relaxation and tranquility. The food is INCREDIBLE, the views are great, and the water is ‘azul’. There is nothing more relaxing than having a good coffee in a hammock right off the deck of your private balcony listening to the waves crash into the shore. You can snorkel, surf and kayak in the calm waters as the resort provides you with all the necessary equipment. The staff was amazing! The room was gorgeous, comfortable, and clean and they use PAPER straws too, very happy about that!

– Yulneveroamalone (Montreal, Canada)

“An Amazing Place For a Honeymoon”

The staff were wonderful and went to great lengths for us – even as far as providing a birthday cake for my husband. Each morning we watched the fishermen come to shore with the fresh bounty for that day’s meals and there wasn’t a single meal that I didn’t care for. All of the ingredients were fresh and lovingly prepared. The chef shared details of each dish with us and made every modification requested. The massages were excellent and there were plenty of water toys to play with, kayaks, stand up paddleboards, floats. The add –on excursions are also brilliant – go see the sloths and the dolphins in their natural habitat.

– Nadine (Salem, Massachusetts)

“Most Definitely a Paradise”

This hotel is definitely a paradise on the island of Bocas del Toro. I got top-notch service with absolutely nothing to complain about. We were welcomed by the lovely manager who showed us around and made us feel welcome. We also got complimentary champagne on arrival. The sunset and sunrise views from the bungalows are some of the best I’ve ever seen. We were offered a complimentary tour of the island and they even taught us how to paddleboard. The food was so tasty and the chefs made everything to perfection. We were asked where we were from and while we had lunch, they put on music from our country. That attention to detail is something that I haven’t gotten anywhere else. I love the fact that most of the staff are from the local community, which gives it that homely vibe. This place is just simply magical. I can honestly say I have no regrets except not staying longer. Do not hesitate to visit this beautiful resort, and I hope your experience would be as magical as ours.

– Monica

“Amazing Stay at This Secluded Paradise”

This property exceeded expectations. The bungalows were beautiful, the staff was top-notch, and the activities were outstanding. Thanks for being gracious hosts and providing excellent recommendations. The meals at the restaurant were fantastic.

We enjoyed every bit of this stay and wished we could have stayed longer. I really enjoyed chatting with the locals in the village behind the resort and seeing how they lived. The property employs a number of them and we graciously overtipped to help out the community. If you want to get away from life’s hustle and bustle, this is the place to be.

– Kyle M (Houston, Texas)

“A Private Paradise”

Let me start the review off by saying, this is not one of those resort factories. Azul Paradise is an off the grid resort. Their focus, as demonstrated by a sign at the restaurant, is to “leave no trace.” So I am giving Azul 5 stars because they deserve it. We were fortunate enough to experience some of Bocas’s finest weather. When we were there the weather was excellent, sunny, with a nice breeze. We utilized the complimentary kayaks, stand up paddleboards, and paddleboats. They’re a great amenity and we used them a lot. The food tasted great across the board, our favourite meal was breakfast. We had dietary restrictions and the waiters and kitchen did a good job accommodating them. We went on two tours, a snorkel excursion, and also to the chocolate farm. The owners are great and as it’s a small place, they made an effort to get to know all of the guests on a personal level. Overall, Azul Paradise provides a beautiful secluded beach, incredible nature, and comfortable bungalows in the middle of nowhere. I would definitely recommend Azul Paradise.

– Charles L (New York)

“Unbelievably Friendly Staff”

My girlfriend and I have been traveling a lot over the last two years, and we have seen a lot of good hotels all around the globe. However, what we saw in terms of the friendliness of the staff during our recent stay in the Azul Paradise Hotel in Bocas del Toro was simply top-notch. The staff made our stay really unforgettable and helped us greatly wherever they could. Also, the view from our room was simply gorgeous. The bed was super comfortable and we really enjoyed having breakfast on the hotel’s terrace. We cannot recommend beautiful Bocas del Toro in general (and Azul Paradise Hotel specifically) enough. Once again, many thanks for four fantastic nights.

– Wilm2505 (Zurich, Switzerland)


We look forward to welcoming you here in paradise.