Azul Paradise Bocas del toro province - Isla Bastimentos

Azul Health Retreats

Escape from the daily grind, experience the healing properties of paradise and pave the way to a healthier future where you can take on the world with motivation and integrity. Come and experience a unique combination of outdoor adventure, yoga, meditation, nutrition and relaxation on the Caribbean coast of Panama, where the jungle meets the ocean.

What's Included

Azul Paradise Health Retreats are located on a secluded island in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. We offer an inclusive retreat in our world famous Caribbean Bungalows, where guests can become immersed in the true Panamanian culture. Elements of modern health are stripped back to basics, and we’ll explore the best approaches to stress, along with ways to fuel your mind, body and soul.

Disconnecting can be the best medicine. We encourage our guests to switch off from the outside world, and fully immerse in this unique experience.

The Ocean

Sea water has the power to heal and detoxify. Whether it’s watching the waves, diving into the deep or simply dipping your toes in, the ocean has the ability to calm the mind and heal the body. At Azul Paradise, we live for the sea. Our health retreats will have you out on the open water, island hopping through the Caribbean, and best of all- waking up to the sound of waves hitting the shore, the smell of salt and a sunrise like no other.

Your ocean experience includes:

  • A day trip to the Zapatilla Islands
  • Snorkelling at Starfish Bay


The Jungle

Just steps from the ocean lies the incredible Panamanian jungle, filled with captivating colors, intriguing wildlife and an abundance of plants with powerful healing properties. We’ll lead you through the depths of the jungle, learn about the native culture and explore ancient Panamanian healing techniques. Amidst the trees and abundance of green, lies everything we need to fulfill our health goals. The answers are right at our fingertips.

Your jungle experience includes:

  • Cooking classes from locals that will show you how to integrate healthy cooking into your lifestyle
  • Learning how to make coconut oil in its purest form
  • Learning about the healing properties of plants from a local Shaman



The part of you that’s ready to embark on this positive journey is all that’s required. That thought, that idea or that desire to break free is all it takes to get started. Azul Health Retreats give you the opportunity to relax, unwind and learn how to move forward through life with newfound energy, and a fresh perspective.

Wellbeing experiences include:

  • Daily yoga classes
  • Meditation classes and techniques to take home


What are you waiting for? Take a holiday that won’t take a toll on your health. Escape to paradise, relax, unwind, and return to life ready to take on anything.

Ready to escape to paradise?