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When only the finest will do...

Azul Paradise is home to the best beaches in Bocas. 

Bocas Town:  

Colorful and Caribbean! 

Colorful and in all respects 100% Caribbean. Not more than 15 years ago this town of clapboard houses on main street was just a single dirt road and marked the best hidden secrete in the Caribbean. Today, Bocas is a relaxed community of locals and expats that strive to create a hospitable atmosphere. If you are looking for a life of slow pace and pure rustic magic this town will hypnotize you into canceling all future plans.

The main street of Bocas town is  not located on any beaches, but you can easily rent a bike or take a taxi ride outside of town. Just 9 degrees above the equator this little paradise will captivate you with it’s caribbean vibe of little shops and restaurants built on stilts over the water.  Most travelers learn after spending a day or two in Bocas it’s nice to be back on the beach for rest and relaxation.  You will find yourself idly wandering the streets, the allure of Bocas is simply slowing down and soaking up the Caribbean vibes.

Slow down and soak up the Caribbean vibes

The Best of Panama

Coral Cay:
The Caribbean waters surrounding Panama are alive with bright coral reefs, and the colors of coral cay are described as if someone painted the sea floor. This part of the archipelago is only a short boat ride from the Azul Paradise, and is a protected marine sanctuary. The clear and unpolluted waters are home to marine life that call coral reefs home. Bust out your snorkeling gear and jump into the warm water to enter this electric-colored world beneath the water’s surface.

Wanderlust …

Get whisked away into peace and seclusion. Your captain will introduce you to a day of tranquility where the white sand stretches for as far as one can see on the islands of the Zapatillas. These islands are one of Bocas del Toros number one tourist destinations, and being that our resort is so close we can get their early to enjoy the beauty without the rush of the Caribbean tourist crowd. This beach is a nature preserve for sea turtle breeding. Enjoy the beauty of this untouched nature preserve.

Open Water...big fishing fun!

Bocas del Toro is one of the most beautiful and uncharted fishing locations in Panama. Panama means “an abundance of fish” and the Bocas del Toro Archipelago is made up of 68 islands and keys. Azul Paradise is located only 20 minutes from open water where fishing at dusk is possible and has yielded some of the luckiest largest catches in the area.
Our guide is local and has over 20 years’ experience guiding these un-chartered blue waters. Be ready for an unforgettable experience.

A Giant Natural Aquarium!

The calm black waters of the Archipelago are home to a semi-permanent population of Bottlenose dolphins. These waters host tons of small fish, crustaceans, jelly fish, and squid that make the perfect feeding grounds for pods of dolphins.
A labyrinth of shallow channels formed by mangroves and hanging coral screen boarder the bays northern entrance. This effect makes a giant natural aquarium. Here dolphins play in the boats wake and put on one of natures best shows.

We are Azul Paradise

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Unfolding in the majestic waters of the Caribbean, this new off-the-grid resort highlighting 10 over-the-water bungalows is located on white sand beaches in the provence of Bocas del Toro. Tucked away on a secluded part of the island is an experience you will never forget.

Each of the bungalows features a private outdoor shower, an outdoor living area with sofa, sunken lounge over the water, and a ladder leading from the sundeck straight into the waters of the Caribbean. The cool and comfortable interiors boast a king sized bed, with a private bathroom and walk in shower. You can fully encompass the suite’s ‘over-the-water’ setting with glass floors that allows you to view the marine life below.

The secluded part of this island, the setting for this stunning resort, is located 30 minutes on a breathtaking boat ride from the busy Caribbean crowd of Bocas Town. The resort features an authentic Panamanian tiki bar with beachfront grill, large Club House with lounge area, private bar, and restaurant.

Occasionally you will see a boat stop for lunch and enjoy the tiki bar facilities. Days like that you will enjoy meeting people from all over the world.

Meanwhile, take advantage of daily scheduled tours, kayaks, paddle boards, private lounge chairs, dinner on your private dock, snorkeling, diving, deep sea fishing, dolphins tours, and surfing.

Our environment is tropical, our philosophy is eco friendly. The Resort operates a state of the art solar system to generate power, purified catchment systems for water, and full time jobs to local natives. Please remember that eco friendly and off-the-grid are completely different.  We only have basic amenities and the magic of this place is the natural environment.

You may be asked to conserve water or power during your stay.  We rise by the sun and live by the tides.  This magical boutique resort is a complete off-the-grid experience, and resources can be hard to come by.

The goal, to establish harmony with nature while truly giving guests the opportunity to experience the culture of their surroundings.  We strive to stay away from the feeling of a cookie cutter resort, and give our guests the real view of the country they are experiencing.

Stop Dreaming and Start Packing!